EPL Fantasy Review Feb 9-11

Another week another hat-trick for Sergio Aguero and hence another win in the points scoring. One fifth of all entries picked him too, which is relatively impressive given that Manchester City’s opponents were another top-six side in Chelsea. As it turned out the Citizens blew away Chelsea 6-0, such that the top three points scorers were from Manchester City, their match was the most heavily one-sided 150.20 – 40.35, although their title challengers Liverpool managed a points score of 137.45 – 42.40 against Bournemouth. Last week I pointed out the value for your fantasy money that Brighton represent, and you may have been disappointed to see them beaten by Burnley 1-3, however they did so out-scoring their opponents 62.25 – 56.95, fully 30% of entries chose Pascal Gross who once again looked pretty solid value at 16M for 13.05 points, that’s fewer than 1 point per M, but he is consistently putting up scores of greater than 10 points. Southampton incidently also out-point-scored Cardiff despite losing 1-2.

My preview suggested Holebas for Watford and he would have netted you 12.35 points for 14M, not too bad. Easily the most bang for your buck would have been Manchester City’s Zinchenko, with 21.00 points for 10M, but fewer than 1% of entries punted on this. Paul Pogba gave a reliable 18.55 points, but at 35M was only just over 0.5 points per M, of course the price is justified more on the reliability of such a score, similarly Mohammed Salah garnering 17.6 points for 36M looks expensive but those points were relatively secure. Aguero may have scored a hat-trick the previous weekend but how many foresaw such a demolition of Chelsea?

If you’re looking for solid plays from a title contender, Andy Robertson is putting together some pretty decent numbers, and was relatively inexpensive at 20M. Anthony Martial was a solid 15.95 for just 14M, against the league’s second bottom side that was surely decent value, 7% of entries agreed.

As always we have to also look at the flops, a stunningly low score of -2.8 from Brighton’s Matt Ryan, though only 1% of entries were left cursing his conceded penalty. Have some sympathy for Chelsea’s goalkeeper Kepa, who was the next lowest scorer at -1.55, thankfully almost no entries chose him, even though there was some logic in that, you might have expected City to have a number of shots against him giving him some chance to make a large number of saves. More frustratingly 12% of entries plumped for Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen but he managed only 0.25 points despite playing 90 minutes. Finally I have to admit to having recommended Troy Deeney playing against Everton for 10M, 3% of entries (consciously or by coincidence) followed that advice, but he gained you just 1.9 points.

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