Where Will Kawhi End Up?

Kawhi Leonard is the last big name free agent left on the market, and everyone is wondering where the “Board Man” will end up. Kawhi is coming fresh off a NBA Championship, where he starred for the Toronto Raptors and reminded everyone that he is a top 5 basketball player in the world.

It is becoming a huge topic around the NBA about where Kawhi will end up, as very close sources to the situation have stated different conclusions to the tale. Some reports have Kawhi locked in on a deal to join LeBron James and Anthony Davis in Los Angeles, while others have reported that he has already agreed to a deal to return to Toronto.

It has become such a big topic because we all know what Kawhi is capable at this point in his career. He is not even 29 years old, yet he has won 2 NBA Championships, as well as 2 Final MVPs award. He has asserted himself as one of the all-time greats by these numbers.

Last season, Kawhi averaged 30 points per game, while bringing in 9 rebounds during the playoffs. Kawhi’s game has completely evolved in his first season in Toronto, as he became an offensive star. Kawhi has always been known for his defensive traits and skills, but now he has become a complete superstar that the NBA has been needing.

Kawhi doesn’t love all the glamour and keep up with social media like many other NBA players do now, he just focusses on his game. He is not flashy, he does not care to be, he just wants to win and knows how to do it, which leads to why every team would love to have Kawhi on their team.

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