NBA Free Agency: Winners and Losers

We are just 9 days from when NBA Free Agency began, and every move has essentially already been made at this point. There was a total of over $3 Billion spent on free agency this year, which shows what kind of money the league is working with.

Some of the biggest moves involved Kawhi Leonard (Raptors to Clippers), Kemba Walker (Hornets to Celtics), Kevin Durant (Warriors to Nets), and many more.

The Winners:

Brooklyn Nets:

Brooklyn is definitely one of the biggest winners this offseason as they acquired both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the first night of Free Agency.

It is no secret what these two guys can do on the court, as they can lead a team to a Championship with ease. These are two of the top players in basketball, so it will be exciting to see how their journey continues in Brooklyn.  

Los Angeles Clippers:

The Clippers became huge winners just a few nights ago, as they went from 0 signings to 2 in the matter of 10 minutes. Although they only signed Kawhi Leonard during Free Agency, they still acquired Paul George which is a huge star to add to the mix.

The Clippers were aware that they needed to trade for George in order to get Leonard to commit over the Lakers, and that is how they reacted. The Clippers will be very exciting to watch next season, as they have opened up as the favorite to win the title already next year.

Boston Celtics:

Although they lost Irving to Free Agency this offseason, many think that the Celtics will be better this season without him. The Celtics acquired Kemba Walker from Charlotte, which is a big addition to their squad.

I feel that Kemba will be a strong addition to this team, as he will create opportunities for the stars around him. Kemba is one of the top point guards in this league, and I really believe that Boston is a great fit for Kemba, and Kemba is an even better fit for Boston.

The Losers:

Charlotte Hornets:

The Hornets suffered a big loss during Free Agency, as they lost their sole star, Kemba Walker. It is a tough situation for them, as they lost the best player on their team, while not bringing in much in return.

That is the tough part about Free Agency for many small market teams, as they raise and bring up stars from their rookie days, but once they get good enough, the money and super teams start calling. Charlotte will enter a rebuild mode, and will look to strengthen their core with youth.

Golden State Warriors:

Although the Warriors made a positive acquisition in acquiring Deangelo Russell, I still have them as a loser during Free Agency. The Warriors lost superstar Kevin Durant to Brooklyn, as well as Demarcus Cousins to the Lakers.

Losing a top 3 player in the NBA will definitely hurt your team, and that is what Golden State will suffer from here. Durant has the ability to take over games and win them like no other, so I know Golden State fans will be missing Durant as soon as the season tips off.

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Although the Thunder didn’t technically lose anyone crucial to their team by a Free Agency move, they still were heavily affected. The movement of Kawhi Leonard ruined the Thunder team, as Paul George opted for a trade to the Clippers.

Now, OKC is left with their lone star, Russell Westbrook, but apparently he is looking for his way out as well. The loss of George is detrimental to OKC, as they had been looking to build off positive momentum from last season.

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