Premier League Predictions

With the Premier League starting one month from today, it’s time to decide who I think is the team to take home this year’s trophy. There was so much drama coming down to the end of the table last year as Manchester City and Liverpool battled it out for top dog.

As City ended up taking home the trophy with 98 points on the board, it left a sudden bitter feeling in the heart of the Liverpool fans. It has been a long 29 years since the last time the Reds have been able to call themselves Premier league champions.

After this bitter taste in their mouths they were set on a mission; win the champions league. After being crowned the best team in Europe and winning this long sought-after trophy, the next step is to end this 29-year drought.

With having one of the best back lines in football in Virgil Van Dijk who is an absolute wall and one of the best keepers in the game today Allison. This Liverpool team should be a front runner heading into this next season.

It’s not just their stellar defense though. Players such as Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino put up absolutely stellar numbers last year. Mane has scored 59 goals for this Reds side in only 123 appearances for the club. Firmino at the midfield position has scored 66 goals and 47 assists in 190 games, these are absolutely remarkable numbers. Not only them but Salah has been ridiculous for the club as he has scored 71 goals and had 29 assists in 104 games only.

This Liverpool side that scored 97 points last season in the Premier League and could not take home a title is more motivated then ever. They showed the world this summer that they are no team to mess with and that they should always be feared when stepping on the pitch.

Whether you think it’s their defense or their offense that carries them, it does not matter. They play as a team, as one unit and with the star power and manager that they have, there is no team that they cannot compete with.

This upcoming year in the Premier League I expect nothing short from an ecstatic season for this Liverpool side. I expect them to possibly even break the 100-point mark and be at the top of the table when this season ends and bring joy to the fans of the reds as they break this horrendous 29-year, Premier League drought.

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