What’s up with Russ

Absolutely absurd. The only way to describe this summer’s NBA Free agency. Moves by so many teams have been absolutely ridiculous. Most recently, Kawhi and Paul George teaming up in LA with the Clippers.

This is going to make the LA rivalry absolutely insane as PG, Kawhi, Lebron, Anthony Davis and many more stars will step on the floor and put on a show.

With Paul George leaving though, how does OKC recover and what does Russ want. It has been made clear, PG gone, Russel wants out too. Why would he want to stay on a team in the West where the competition is so much harder and will be harder for them to win in the playoffs or even make it. Per Woj, Westbrook has been in talks with Thunder management about possible trades and wanting to leave the great city of Oklahoma City.

Many sources have people looking around the league too find out where Russ will go. The most obvious and most publicized idea is Westbrook to the Heat. He is ready to take his talents to South Beach and play with their new star shooting guard Jimmy Butler.

Russel has been on teams with KD, James Harden and Paul George and yet can’t seem to find the right partner in crime to help bring home a title and put a ring on his finger. Is Butler the guy to tag team with and take the NBA on?

For Russ to go to Miami there is a lot that needs to happen. Because of their deal with Jimmy Butler and signing rookie Tyler Herro, the Heat need to match Russ’s salary and only can go over by $1 million to avoid bumping the NBA hard cap on. So the only logical way is for them to be in a 3 way trade and would possibly include them getting rid of some could pieces on the team.

Players like Goran Dragic ($19.2 million), James Johnson ($15.3 million), Justise Winslow ($13 million), Kellly Olynyk ($12.7 million) or Dion Waiters (12.1) are going to be sent and it is going to need to add up to around $40 million in order for this trade to work.

With Russel wanting out I think the best option for this deal to work and for Westbrook to be happy is to send this man to Miami. Teaming up with friend and star Butler could be something special, and to have pieces such as Herro, Winslow and Waiters around could really make this team a threat in the Heat.

If Hassan Whiteside would have stayed instead of teaming up with Lillard and Mccollum, this heat team could really have been NBA finals caliber and true contender in the East.

Even without Whiteside, whatever place the 2017 NBA MVP goes too is going to be a contender as he plays his heart out every night with emotion and toughness. With him and Butler together, I would not be surprised if the two of them make some noise in the East and possibly a long run in the playoffs.

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