Love football?
Dream of having a career in the football industry?

El Mister, an online football-media and stats company is hiring football writers on an internship basis, with an option for full-time employment after 60 days.

Football Content Writer Intern Programme

We have many departments which you can fit into: weekend previews, stats-related articles, post match reviews, tactical analysis content, fantasy and more...

In order to join our team, you need to

  • Football Be football crazy
  • El Mister Logo Have excellent writing skills
  • El Mister Logo Be able to write 100% original content

You can apply for an intern writer position with El Mister by sending us a sample article that you have written. If it is selcted by our editors, we will contact you with an offer to join our team.

Join our team today

Your submission must be

  • 100% original content, written by you only
  • Around 500 words
  • European football or fantasy related

Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A or Europa League